Wolves are found in North America, Europe and Asia. And in all these places, the life of the wolves is very similar to that of the lions in Africa. Like the lions, the wolves live in groups, they are carnivorous animals that collaborate with each other to hunt their prey and, also like the lions, wolves can be beautiful animals. In fact, some species have thick skin gorges similar to the manes of lions.

When we consider all these similarities, it seems strange to us that many people admire lions and reject wolves. It is said lions  are stately and magnificent. But wolves are often called creeps and cowards.

Wolves, the origin of all dog breeds

This is even more baffling when we discover that a man’s best friend is actually a member of the wolf family. All the dogs of the world descend from the wolves that were domesticated in the Middle East 12,000 years ago. And almost everything that people like about dogs has been inherited from their wolf ancestors.

For example, we like the loyalty of our dogs and this was transmitted to them from the wolves. Wild wolves are often very loyal to their peers and, if caught young enough, they can be very loyal to people as well.

People also appreciate the friendship and intelligence of their dogs. And those qualities also come from the wolves. The wild wolves of a pack are often friendly and playful with others. And there is no doubt that wolves are among the most intelligent animals on earth.

Wolf Habitats

There are many other things that we can admire in wolves. For example, they are very adaptable animals. After man, they are more accommodating creatures. Wolves are able to live in the widest variety of climates and habitats that most animals can and can feed on very different kinds of food.

There are wolves in meadows, forests, swamps and in the icy areas of the far north. However, few wolves live in the desert. And the wolves eat everything: from a mouse to an elk.

The more you know about wolves, the more wonderful they are. And maybe this explains the attitude of those who do not love wolves. They may like them because, in reality, they do not know much about wolves. If you can love lions and dogs, you should learn to love wolves.