The future of the wolves depends mainly on the attitude of the people. As things are currently, there are still many people who do not understand or appreciate the wolves and some of those people are doing everything they can to destroy them. They shoot, trap or poison every wolf they encounter.

Those who want to kill wolves give several reasons to explain it. Some farmers say that the wolves kill many sheep and other cattle. And some hunters say that wolves kill game animals that should be reserved for killing by the human hunter.

The reality about wolves

Scientists say that these things are not true. Many years ago, when there were many wolves in North America, they killed a lot of cattle and have meant serious competition for hunters. But currently, there are not so many wolves at all and therefore no longer a threat.

In the United States, wolves have been almost become totally extinct. During the last three hundred years, hunters, farmers and others have killed millions of wolves. And today, there are probably less than 1,000 surviving wolves in all of the United States, except Alaska.

Today, wolves are not very dangerous for man, but man can be dangerous to wolves. It is clear that the time has come for people to change their attitude towards wolves and begin to think of ways to save them before it is too late!

The Future Of Wolves
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