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Click on the relevant state to find a wolf sanctuary near you. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to COVID-19 all sanctuaries are in desperate need of finanical assitance. If you are able to donate any sum no matter how small it would be GREATLY appreciated. Each of our sanctuaries listed have a big yellow donate button, which takes you straight to the respective wolf sanctuary. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!



The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a sanctuary dedicated to preserving Alaska’s wildlife through conservation, research, education and quality animal care. AWCC takes in injured and orphaned animals year-round and provides them with spacious enclosures and quality animal care. Most of the animals that arrive at the AWCC become permanent residents and will always have a home here. The Center maintains over 200 acres of spacious habitats for animals to feel at home and display their natural “wild” behavior. Visitors may see brown bears cooling off in the water, a bull moose strutting, wood bison roaming on pastures and more.

Website: www.alaskawildlife.org

Telephone: (907)-783-0058

Address: Seward Highway, Girdwood, AK 99587

Guests have one hour to enjoy the center if they come at the advertised closing time.

  • January: 10 am to 3 pm (4-day operations: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday)
  • February: 10 am to 4 pm
  • March & April: 12 pm to 5 pm
  • May 1 – October 31: 10 am to 5 pm
  • November: 10 am to 4 pm (4-day operations: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday)
  • December: 10 am to 3 pm (4-day operations: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday)
  • For Holiday Break we will be open 7 days a week from December 20 to December 31; we will be closed December 24, December 25 and January 1.
  • CLOSED: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
  • OPEN: All other holidays.

Note: Hours are subject to change without notice due to unforeseen circumstances.



Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary, a non-profit organization, dedicates itself to providing a safe haven for abandoned wolves & wolfdogs. The current attitude in many areas of the country dictates that “any animal brought into Rabies Control suspected of being part wolf must be destroyed – no exceptions.”

Website: www.eagletailmountain.com

Telephone: +1 623-386-9653

Address: Tonopah, Arizona 85354

1. Provide a safe and caring environment for our rescued animals

2. Stop breeding-for -profit

3.Increase public support for wolf rescue facilities and wolf release projects

4. Created an educational center where people can learn & share knowledge, and enjoy the love of the wolf.

5. Provide education and experiential learning for our visitors and volunteers. The animals who live among us are loving ambassadors who have much to teach us about ourselves and our env


wolf mountain sanctuary

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary is a non-profit 501(c)3 volunteer educational organization dedicated to the preservation and proper management of wolves in the wild and in captivity.

Website: www.wolfmountainsanctuary.net

Telephone: +1 760-248-7818

Address: Lucerne Valley, CA  92356

ReservationsTue – Sun, 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Wolf mountain sanctuary is one of the few wolf sanctuaries that offers interactive wolf educational tours! You will learn about our wolves and about wolves in the wild.

Recent history has shown that the government and hunters are once again trying to exterminate the wolf.  The wolf is one the most (wrongly) maligned and hated creatures since the beginning of time. 

People envision the wolf as a blood thirsty vicious killer that wipes out herds of cattle and consumes small children, when, in actuality, these beliefs couldn’t be further from the truth.

Not only do wolves fit NONE of the popular stereotypes, their gentle temperament and sophisticated social structuring merit our admiration.  A wolf will only resort to preying on domestic stock when its natural prey (moose, caribou, and deer) have been eliminated from their natural range.

Wolves serve a great ecological role by preying mostly on the weak and/or diseased animals in a herd, leaving the younger, healthier animals to become breeding stock, which ultimately produces much stronger herds.   


w.o.l.f sanctuary

W.O.L.F. (Wolves Offered Life and Friendship) is a 501(c)3 non-profit located in the foothills of Northern Colorado, just northwest of Fort Collins. Since 1995 we have been rescuing captive born wolves and wolf dogs that are unable to be cared for by their original owners and providing them with permanent, life-long sanctuary at our mountain facility. W.O.L.F. strives to take into account each individuals physical and emotional needs for our residents. Currently W.O.L.F. can care for 30 wolves and wolf dogs at any one time. Packs are kept between two to four individuals and are allowed to roam natural habitat enclosures.

Website: www.wolfsanctuary.co

Telephone: +1 (970) 416 9531

Address: Laporte, Colorado 80535-1544

ReservationsCurrently Not Open To The Public

Unfortunately, due to strict area restrictions, we are not open to the general public.

Only volunteers who have confirmed schedules and carpool rides are permitted at the sanctuary, as of now.

We are in the midst of trying to transition to a bigger and better location, which will double our rescue capacity and will be open to public!


Rescue – Save captive-born wolves and wolf dogs who need sanctuary placement in order to survive;

Sanctuary – Provide a life-long home at W.O.L.F. in a natural habitat that takes into account each individual’s physical, medical, and emotional needs;

Education – Provide the general public with education about the plight of wolves and wolf dogs (both captive-born and wild) to help foster a greater understanding of them and their value.

New Jersey

Lakota Wolf Preserve

The preserve is owned and run by Jim Stein and Becky Mace who have raised and cared for all the animals at the preserve. … With wolves, foxes, and bobcats, our preserve is the largest in the Northeastern United States. We are in no way affiliated with any Lakota Indian People.

Website: www.lakotawolf.com

Telephone: (908) 496-9244

Address: 89 Mount Pleasant Road, Columbia, NJ 07832

Tours:  Open Thursday – Sunday (Bookings Essential)

Tour Cost: Please enquire for pricing

Tour Duration: +/- 75 Min

Tour Times: 10:30 AM & 4PM (Arrive 30 Min Before)

Explore and learn about some of the world’s most amazing animals through our educational Wolf Watch tours. Upon arrival you can enjoy either a scenic 1/2 mile nature walk from the parking area to the preserve or we have a shuttle bus that can drive you there. Once you are at the preserve you will be invited into the observation area in the center of the preserve. You will be surrounded by 4 different packs of wolves.

new jersey

howling woods farm

Howling Woods Farm is an educational facility located in Jackson Township, NJ.  We are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity providing learning experiences to the public about wolves and wolfdogs.  You can often find us at events with our animals throughout the State of New Jersey.

Website: www.howlingwoods.org

Telephone: (609) 901-1387

Address: 1371 W Veterans Hwy, Jackson, NJ 08527

Tours:  Everyday except Mondays; (Bookings Essential)

Tour Cost: Please enquire for pricing

Tour Duration: +/- 60 Min

Wolf Petting: Yes (Min age 10 years)

Howling Woods Farm is open to visitors by appointment only. You may visit us by appointment on weekends, and weekday afternoons. Before contacting please check our upcoming events page to make sure we are open on the day you wish to visit.

For appointments, please call 732-534-5745 between the hours of 10am and 3pm Monday through Friday. We do not book appointments by email. For questions other than appointments you may email [email protected]

new mexico

wild spirit wolf sanctuary

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing displaced, unwanted, and un-releasable captive-bred wolves, wolf-dogs, and other wild canid species.

We welcome animals from all over the United States, and each rescue is provided with permanent, safe sanctuary and lifelong care through nutrition, medical support, enrichment, and animal companionship, when applicable.

Website: www.wildspiritwolfsanctuary.org

Telephone: +1 (505) 775-3032

Address: 378 Candy Kitchen Rd, Ramah, NM 87321

ReservationsTue – Sat, 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary offers a variety of experiences from our Standard Tour to more interactive tours, such as our Feeding Tour, Canine Encounter Tour, Photo Tour, and Wolf Walk. No matter which tour you take, everyone is welcome to take photographs of their experience!

If this is your first time visiting us, please be sure to read the What You Should Know About Visiting Us section, at the bottom of this page.

If you’re planning to visit in the future, please be aware that our regular hours and tour schedule change during the months of January and February!

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary operates with an “Animals Come First” attitude. As an organization that predominately rescues captive-bred, wild canids as a direct result of the exotic pet trade, this is vital. Not only does Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary focus its educational efforts on informing the public about the different species, but also on the cruel realities of the exotic pet trade and what happens to wild animals when they are forced into captivity.


Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow, aka the North American Wolf Foundation, is a 501(c)3 non-profit wolf sanctuary and educational facility proudly staffed primarily by volunteers and supported solely by donations, adoptions, and proceeds from admission and gift shop sales. Since our founding in 1988, our mission has maintained a focus on the preservation of the wolf in the wild through education and exposure.

Our visitors are given a unique opportunity to meet our resident gray wolves while enjoying an enlightening one-hour educational presentation, most engaging for ages 5 to 105. During this time visitors will observe the wolves interacting with their pack-mates at close range.

Website: www.wolfhollowipswich.org

Telephone: +1 (978) 356-0216

Address: 114 Essex Road Ipswich, MA 01938

Reservations: Saturday and Sunday at 1:00pm, with an hour long presentation beginning at 1:30pm

Despite what you may hear, North American gray wolves are still very much a threatened species. In an effort to provide the public the necessary tools to help fight for their protection, Wolf Hollow seeks to:

  • Raise awareness regarding the important role the wolf plays as a keystone species in promoting a healthy ecosystem
  • Provide examples of how the pack co-exist as a family group, very similar to humans
  • Display the dynamics and hierarchy amongst the pack through observable behavior cues
  • Discuss the biology of the wolf, as well as the evolution/domestication of modern dogs
  • Provide a glimpse into the history of man’s interaction with wolves and the challenges we face at present to protect the wolf as a species


The North American Wolf Foundation (NAWF) was founded by Paul C. Soffron in 1988. To this day, Paul’s original mission, To preserve the wolf in the wild, through education and exposure, remains the cornerstone of the work we do everyday. Within a year from being established, NAWF broke ground in Ipswich, Massachusetts and during this time our current directors, Joni and Zee Soffron, acquired behavioral and animal husbandry training from leading wolf experts at Wolf Park, a world renown wolf research facility in Battle Ground, Indiana.

Two years after establishing the foundation as a state and federally licensed 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we opened our gates to the public in September of 1990. Earlier that same year, the North American Wolf Foundation, more commonly known today as Wolf Hollow, obtained the original pack of gray wolf ambassadors. Our pack of British Columbian timber wolves started with five pups donated by other facilities in the United States. The original five were from three different litters so that a family could be started at the facility. And in 1992, a female named Alyki, would be the first pup to be born at Wolf Hollow.


Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center

We are an AZA accredited Not-for-Profit, wildlife park and educational facility offering visitors to Yellowstone a chance to uniquely experience the world of grizzly bears and gray wolves. All the animals at the Center are unable to survive in the wild and serve as ambassadors for their wild counterparts.

The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center is home for seven Yellowstone wolves that live in three different packs. The wolves were born in captivity and are unable to live in the wild. The facilities they were born in did not have room to keep them and the GWDC was able to provide them a home. Here, the wolves give visitors an up-close look at their normally secretive lives.

Website: www.grizzlydiscoveryctr.org

Telephone: +1  (800) 257 – 2570

Address: 201 South Canyon, West Yellowstone, MT 59758

Reservations: Contact For Hours. Open 365 days a year, including all holidays.

Opened in the summer of 1993, the then named Grizzly Discovery Center began giving visitors to Yellowstone a greater understanding and appreciation of grizzlies. Realized by the vision of developer Lewis S. Robinson, the GDC was to be a sanctuary for bears that were removed from the wild – saving them from certain death. Still, many questioned the motives of building a captive animal facility so close to Yellowstone National Park. Mr. Robinson also set up the non-profit International Grizzly Fund to assist bears in the wild with a portion of Center proceeds. Nevertheless, the Center opened its doors to an enthralled audience. In December of 1995, the GDC was sold to Ogden Entertainment based in New York. The Center operated as a for-profit while a wolf exhibit and ten captive-born wolves were added in 1996.