Game Of Thrones figurines

Game of Thrones Action Figures

Figurines from the Game of Thrones are an excellent decorative element, as well as a great article of decoration. Thanks to the large number of characters that appear throughout the series, you can collect them all or simply just figurines of your favorite characters.

Game of Thrones Figurines

The best figurines for collectibles that you can find in Amazon. You can place them on a shelf in your room or in the living room and they will arouse the interest when your friends visit.

Funko Pop Game of Thrones

Funko Pop is the most famous collectible dolls brand in the world. Enjoy the vinyl dolls of your favorite characters and participate in the fashion of POP dolls.

Why buy Game of Thrones figures?

Because they are a decorative element that expresses your admiration for this series. Like the Funko POP figures, although they look like children, and can embody characters that children like, it’s not about toys, but rather their goal is decorative. It is important to note that these are not articulated figures, you can only turn your head slightly to the sides.

On the other hand are the Kotobukiya figures, about 18 cm high, with an extraordinary finish. The only moveable is the head and torso of the figure. Different interchangeable arms and legs, as well as two different types of weapons. Two pedestals come to place the figures in the desired position, the figures hold on to them by wearing a magnet on the bottom of the boots.

Buy Game of Thrones figures on Amazon

The collection of Game of Thrones figures are the most popular element for the fans of the series when it comes to having a memory. Each person has a character with whom he feels more identified. However, it is difficult to find them in stores or at least, as much variety as there is in Amazon.

It can also be an investment, when a character dies in the series, usually these types figures are limited so the price of these increases, when more people want to buy.