Game Of Thrones Books

Game of Thrones Books

For the most fans of the saga or for those who are just beginning, we bring you the complete collection of the books from the Game of Thrones.

We also have to say that the saga of Game of Thrones, is not known in reality as such, that is, that the television series is called “Game of Thrones”, and instead when one refers to the books by George RR Martin, they have written all under the saga “Song of fire and ice.”

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We are not going to discuss how good Game of Thrones is. It is the most popular series in the world, which breaks records every year, which has the applause of critics and receives awards every season. However, we can not argue that the series is an adaptation, increasingly different, of the literary saga: “Song of Ice of Fire” by George RR Martin.

How many books are the saga of Game of Thrones?

  • Game of Thrones , A game of Thrones, written in 1996 and published in Spain in 2002
  • Clash of Kings (a clash of Kings), written in 1998 and published in Spain in 2003.
  • Storm of swords, (a storm of swords), written in 2000 and published in Spain in 2005, coast of two volumes.
  • Crows’ feast (a feast for crows), written in 2005 and published in Spain in 2007.
  • A dance with dragons (a dance with dragons), the last of those published to date. It went on sale in 2012.

Game of Thrones comics

George RR Martin joins acclaimed novelist Daniel Abraham and cartoonist Tommy Patterson to breathe new life into the heroic fantasy masterpiece Song of Ice and Fire as it has never been seen before: in a full-color graphic novel, giving a vision unique about the world devised by Martin.

Other books of Game of Thrones

The new book by George RR Martin tells the fascinating story of the Targaryen, the dynasty that reigned in Westeros three hundred years before the beginning of «Song of Ice and Fire», the saga that inspired the HBO series: Game of Thrones .

Centuries before the events reported in “Song of Ice and Fire” took place, Targaryen House, the only dynasty of dragon lords who survived the Curse of Valyria, settled on the island of Dragonstone.

Why read the books of Game of Thrones?

Because if you liked the series, it is very likely that you like the books of Game of Thrones. Among the various reasons to carry out its reading, we find that the books show the most detailed stories. Even the characters have a deeper psychology, which hooks the reader.

In addition many of the characters who have already died in the series, in the books still continue and is that in the series they get rid of characters very quickly. That means that many stories are not as spectacular as in the books.

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