Game of Thrones Merchandise

Game Of Thrones Merchandise

Browse our selection of Game of Thrones collectible products most coveted by collectors and fans from the famous television series. This series, based on the books of George RR Martin, shows the competition between noble families of seven kingdoms of Westeros, whose purpose is to gain control over the Iron Throne.


We have hoodies with dire wolves, of the main characters, with the emblems from the houses of the Game of Thrones and many more.


Click here and find your favorite house shirt from the Game of Thrones. T-shirts for men and for women.

Board Games

Fun board games of a lifetime like Monopoly or Risk, but in the Game of Thrones version.


Collector’s figures with which you can decorate your room or your living room and surprise your visitors.


Surely in your life you have a special person who loves everything related to Game of Thrones. Well you will be right if you send a gift of any of the items that you will find in this section.

Why buy Game of Thrones products?

Firstly you are obviously hooked on the television series or love reading the books: Song of Ice and Fire. Secondly need these products because, the series is your biggest hobby and it identifies with your style and personality. 

For all this, we bring you this great collection of Game of Thrones products that you can buy on Amazon and have them delivered to your door. In addition, you will save yourself having to invest time in looking for a physical store, in your city, that sells them.

Buy Game of Thrones products on Amazon

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