Wolf Rings

Forged from either Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel, our range of top quality Wolf Rings is unmatched anywhere online or at your nearest store. Our wolf rings are significant, timeless and a definite statement piece. Each ring comes in a variety of sizes, is comfortable to wear and is sure to grab attention wherever its worn.

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Black wolf rings

Although they may impact some people, black rings have no meaning beyond what each one wants to give them. Therefore, there is no excuse for not using one of these wonderful rings.

Why buy wolf rings?

wolf ringBecause the wolf is an emblematic animal that has been venerated in Europe in Antiquity for centuries as a god. To then be domesticated and finally give rise to all the species of dogs we know today, in a process that lasted thousands of years. The wolf is an animal associated with the moon goddess Hecate, strength associated with the underground, the occult and the night.

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On the other hand, we have a large collection of wolf rings to find the one that best suits your taste and personality. Wolf rings are a symbol for fans of the Game of Thrones series. We also have a wide variety of wolf rings in steel, silver and gold.

Wolf rings: Meaning

Wolves have great symbology in cultures around the world. In China a celestial wolf was known as the Sirius star, who is the guardian of the celestial palace, the Great Bear. The Wolf was and remains the symbol of Rome, a symbol of fertility and protection. The wolf is a symbol of light, a celestial symbol, associated with solar divinities like Apollo.

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In short, do not hesitate a minute, find the ring you’ve always wanted to buy or make a gift to that special person and you’ll always have that ring to remind you of the good times you’ve lived together. Visit our wolf jewelry category for to find items such as necklaces and pendants.

How To Clean Silver Rings

Sometimes it happens that silver rings lose their shine or blacken over time and we wonder how to clean silver rings . That this happens will depend largely on the attention we give to our rings as well as the care we apply. If we store the rings well in cases or cloths separately, in a dry place and not exposed to light, and having previously cleaned them with a clean suede, the rings will be well taken care of and will take much longer to lose shine (it will even always remain in a fantastic state) . On the other hand, many times because of the rush or for any other reason, we do not follow proper care or as good as we would like. And that is when it causes those loss of brightness or that they turn black.

But don’t worry, because like almost everything in life, that problem has a solution. Knowing how to clean silver rings is easy and simple through some small and useful tips . You can do it yourself at home, without the need for very sophisticated or expensive appliances or products, so you will no longer have an excuse to show off your clean and shiny rings. Keep in mind that for certain types of rings, those that have a special value or are very delicate, it is always best to take them to professional experts. This will ensure that your ring is not damaged or scratched.


With this simple trick you can clean your silver rings very easily and at home . To do this, you will need the following products or utensils. As you can see, it is very common that you have them at home or that you can easily buy them at any supermarket.

What products and utensils do you need:

  • A little baking soda . No specific brand is necessary, whatever we find in our house or in the supermarket works.
  • A little lemon . It should not be lemon juice or other prepared drinks, but a little liquid directly extracted from the lemon itself.
  • Warm water . Tap water or stream.
  • A bowl or bowl.
  • A toothbrush with soft bristles. Remember that the bristles are soft to avoid scratching the jewel.
  • Absorbent paper , which we all have in our kitchens.
  • A clean and dry cloth .

How To Remove A Ring Stuck On Your Finger

Watch this guide on how to remove a ring stuck on your finger.

Steps to clean silver rings.

  1. Once we have all the products and utensils, we can get to work.

    First of all, we squeeze a little lemon over a little baking soda . You will see that a kind of pasta is made. Well that’s the paste we will use to clean the silver rings. Cover the ring with the paste and rub gently . If the ring had complicated recesses, we can use the toothbrush to reach all sites.

  2. Once the paste is rubbed with the ring, we remove the bicarbonate paste with a little paper and put the ring in the bowl of warm water to finish removing all the remains. Once this is done, we take out the ring and dry it with the absorbent paper so that it is very dry. Since the absorbent paper stays wet, we always do a second step, which is to finish drying it well with a dry cloth .

  3. Two important tips. Clean each ring one by one, to avoid that when they are in the bowl or you are handling them they can be damaged or scratched. And the other is that you dry the ring very well before putting it away again. In this way you will avoid that the remains of water can cause some oxidation to occur after not having dried well.


  1. Another simple trick to know how to clean silver rings is to simply use water and some neutral soap . We like more the advice of baking soda with lemon. Mainly because the lemon itself has properties that easily remove rust (if any). But also neutral soap is a very useful and even easier method that will surely work for you.

  2. Too easy. You just have to rub the toothbrush a little wet with the neutral soap bar. When a little foam begins to come out, we clean and rub the ring lightly on all sides . After a few minutes, we wash the ring in the warm water to remove the remains of soap. And then we dry it with absorbent paper and dry cloth. You will see how your ring regains that shine of silver that we like so much. 

  3. Well, these are our tips in this post so you can quickly and easily know how to clean silver rings. In other posts we will give you other tips to know how to clean other types of jewelry. Hope you liked it!