Wolf Earrings

Do not let anyone tell you how to dress and what to wear, be yourself and create your own style with these wolf earrings. We have wolf jewelry pieces that will attract the attention of well-known and curious people who will never have seen anything like it. 

If you have a free and wild spirit, that you like to show the world whenever you consider it appropriate, what better than wolf earrings ? In addition, these pieces have a great symbology.

Wolf Earrings For Sale From Wooded Wolf!

Earrings of wolves and their symbolism

This animal has several meanings of its own, combine it with the moon and it means something different. Between both, there is a unique connection that is represented in this way. The wolf howling at the moon on some earrings symbolizes femininity as well as birth. It is a way to ask the moon (woman) for more power to protect your family. Of course, it is not the only meaning we find.

We can not forget that the meaning of wisdom is also attributed to it. Maybe because of a wolf’s way of surviving and because they always has the perfect strategy to fight and win, as well as being a perfect spiritual guide.

Because wolf earrings are more than wolves

On the other hand, whether you’re a boy or a girl, these wolf earrings will fit perfectly with your style and way of being. In fact, they will be responsible for putting an additional note of character and personality to any of your sets.

In addition to that, these pieces are available in a wide variety of materials, from stainless steel to silver, although it is true that all of them have a common denominator: quality. Of course, we always think of your pocket and, for this reason, we offer them at really appetizing and affordable prices.

And if that was not enough, the shipping is free for some of these fabulous earrings, you can also have them at home in 24 hours.

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