Wolf Bracelets

Wooded Wolf offers a wide range of Wolf Inspired Bracelets incorporating leather, stainless steel, sterling silver and brass. Our Wolf Bracelets come in a variety of sizes and fashionable styles. Our bracelets are the perfect fashion accessory for wolf lovers and wolf enthusiasts looking to accentuate their look. Wolves symbolise loyalty, wildness, freedom and personal power. Shop online for quality Wolf apparel, gifts and accessories here at Wooded Wolf.                                        

Wolf Bracelets For Sale From Wooed Wolf

Why buy wolf bracelets?

Because the wolf is a symbol for a lot of cultures of the world and you have been revered for different aspects; It is the symbol of light between Nordics and Greeks, because it is able to see in the middle of the night. In certain regions of Japan, they invoke it as a protector against other wild animals. The Hindu iconography sees it as an animal of bad omen. In ancient Greece it is one of the forms given to Zeus Lykaios.

Wolf bracelets are a symbol

The wolf is also a powerful totem among the Indians of North and Central America, and as in European culture, with similar meanings. Wolf bracelets aside from being very cheap and of good quality, do not distinguish between age or gender, so anyone can go out with a wolf bracelet and wear it quietly.

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