Wolf wall clocks

Wall wolf clocks are a great decorative item for your home and at the same time functional. We have many designs to choose from. Choose the one that suits you!

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Why buy wolf clocks?

Because you want to give that wild touch to your home or your it’s your personal style and you have not been able to find this item anywhere and is that the wolf is a wild animal that never submits, like nature, to the will of men. The wolf has gained special importance in popular legends with a sinister and often invisible presence, always on the lookout for the bonfires of the camps of the first human beings.

Wolf: art and symbols

In Asia, wolves are the guards to the doors that allow the entrance of celestial beings to celestial kingdoms. The wolf is also said to be among the ancestors of Genghis Khan.The image of the wild wolf howling at the moon is a powerful symbol that affects everyone.

Wolves are the symbol of physical endurance, they are very misunderstood animals, they have earned the reputation of being evil and cold-blooded, but in reality wolves are friendly and social creatures.

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