Wolf cushions

Decorative wolf cushions for bed, for the bedroom, for the living room, for any corner. If you are looking for decorating ideas with great doses of the wolf, take a look at our complete section of decorative wolf throw pillows.

The selection of of our wolf cushion sizes that we have prepared is so wide that it is impossible not to find one with which to include a small final decorative touch or a great detail that will not go unnoticed. 

Buy Wolf Cushions Online

Buy Wolf Cushions Online

Do you want to change the decoration of your living room or bedroom, but do not want to spend a lot of money? You are in the right place and we bring you these beautiful cushion covers of wolves, which will give that atmosphere of a wild and spiritual nature that you are looking for.

Why buy wolf cushions?

Wolves have become another element for decoration in our homes, a way of transferring our tastes to the chairs, armchairs and beds of a place in our home. Well, we bring you a lot of cushions with different designs that will make you want to take them all home.

Wolf cushions: decoration and symbolism

In addition, the wolf has had many meanings depending on the time and culture, but the reality is that it is always and will be an incredible animal worthy of admiration and of course to respect. The extraordinary characteristics of the wolves refer to their survival skills, as they are able to cope with extreme situations using their intelligence and group work, which is why they are associated with unity in the family.

Also the design that the wolf has means one thing or another, for example, if it is a wolf howling at the moon it refers to darkness and mystery, on the side if it is a wolf staring, it reflects composure and resistance and if it is a wolf growling indicates protection and defense.



Your bed, your sofa, your chairs, all your furniture … do you know what they are crying out for? That the views , do not leave them naked. But do not view them in any way. Do not even think about it! They also want to be “handsome” . They also need to dress up and put on their accessories. Yes Yes. We already know that we are talking about inanimate beings. But what does it cost you to please them?

And the best are the cushions. Sofa cushions, chair cushions and bed cushions. Let’s say that they are the ideal decoration complement and that they cost very little money . And you don’t know the game you’re going to get !!

You enter your room and you see that you have the sheets , you have the bedspread , you love your curtains , you look with pride at that headboard that you liked so much or at that wooden chest that you have placed at the foot, but if you don’t put cushions, it ‘s as if Something is missing to finish painting that still life in your rooms.

Put them as you like. Two big ones on the pillows and one small one in the center. Or in the very center of the bed. Four five six. But put them on. You will see what change your room gives. And choose the style you want. Because the cushions will mark your style. You can put them so that your room is modern, classic, minimalist, romantic, rustic …

And you don’t want your couch to be jealous, do you? Because if you have dressed your bed with cushions and you have not done it with your sofa, it is going to be sad, very sad. In addition, a good collection of cushions  will enhance your sofa and, of course, your living room . And, of course, you can lean on them to take a nap, read or watch TV.

The same function will have the cushions you choose for your bed . After a long day of work, taking care of your children and the thousands of household chores, what peace is breathed in your room, although you have not yet fallen asleep and you can spend a few minutes reading or just chatting with your partner while  the cushions give rest to your back or your head .

And they are also cheap cushions and when we refer to cheap it is that they are accessories that do not cost money and can perfectly dress any of your rooms. And you can also find outdoor cushions that will serve to decorate your terrace and your garden. eye! That you also have to take into account that they are comfortable so that your purchase is a complete success. Have you heard of floor cushions? Or the turquoise cushions? Well here you can know that they are one of the latest trends in decoration.

We are going to talk about all kinds of cushions , for any room and for any piece of furniture. So let’s start now by talking about sofa cushions.

Sofa cushions

Do you want to get a sofa worthy of a decoration magazine? Yes? Is that so? Well pay attention because we are going to give you a series of tips for you to achieve it . It is possible that many times you have looked at your sofa and compared it with those that appear on television or in the house of a celebrity.

Well, if you look, they have the same sofa as you. But have you noticed that they have many cushions on top and also placed in a certain way? Yes Yes. Note because the difference between your sofa and theirs may only be in the cushions . How to place them to have a sofa of “10”?

  1. First of all you have to know how many to put . As a general rule you have to place one more cushion on the sofa seats you have. In other words, if your sofa is three-seater, then you will have to put four. But what if you have a chaise longue? Well then you have to treat the part that sticks out like another sofa. If it has two seats, which is usually the usual, then place three cushions. By the same rule of three, if you have armchairs you should place two cushions.
  2. Let’s see secondly how big they should be. The most suitable for three-seater sofas are those that measure between 50 and 60 centimeters, both high and wide. Of course, if your sofa is not standard and is somewhat larger than usual, you can also choose to put them 65X65.
  3. Thirdly, what is very convenient is to mix shapes . That they are not all square or all round. With this you will avoid monotony.
  4. Do not hesitate to mix cushions of different patterns , or rather, you can mix the plain ones with some stripes and flowers. In this way your sofa will be full of color and joy . Of course, there will be prints and smooth ones that will best match your sofa according to the season of the year. More vivid colors for summer and more sober colors for winter.

Chair cushions

Chair cushions also do two things. Decorate and give yourself comfort. Of course we cannot deny that many chairs, especially if they are made of wood, are much more comfortable if we put a cushion on them.

And since we are looking for comfort, we must not lose sight of the design, so the chair has added value that it did not have before. And put to order we have to look for cushions that contrast both with the chair and with the rest of the furniture that you may have in your kitchen or in your dining room.

You have an incredible color catalog to put chair cushions. The size of the chairs is more or less the same you buy the one you buy and therefore the most suitable sizes are those that measure 40 x 40, although you can buy them round and also in other ways.

The finish of these cushions also offers incredible variety . You can get them plain or patterned or with some decorations that protrude from its cover. Everything will depend on the decorative style you have in your room.

Another thing to consider is the padding of these cushions . This will depend on the taste of each person, since there are those who prefer that they be fluffy and others who consider that the best thing for their comfort is that the cojón is hard.

Fillings also you will be able to choose a lot, and of multiple fibers. In any case, you have to know that a hard and quite rigid cushion in a very high chair will not be comfortable for you, especially if the person who is going to use it is short.

Surely color will be the most important part to consider when choosing chair cushions. If you have a room where dark colors predominate, the best thing is that the cushions adapt to that hue.

But if what you want to decorate is a chair in an environment of light colors, a dark cushion can give you a very cool contrast. The patterned cushions are also a good option but you have to take into account the number of patterns that already exist in the room in question since an overload of this type of cushions can make you feel a little tired and to see the space somewhat variegated . The best thing is to try to see how the cushion adapts.

What we do advise you when buying chair cushions is that you check what type of system they have to hold them in the chair. There is no doubt that it is much more functional that the cushions have ties on their edges so that you can tie them to the chair. This way you will be more comfortable because they will not move and you will prevent them from rolling on the floor on more than one occasion, preventing you from having to wash them more than is convenient.

Cushion covers, a great alternative

The cushion covers will give you the opportunity to change the decoration of any of the rooms in a very fast and also economical way. You just have to keep the cushion filling and “dress” it according to your convenience.

Of course, it is highly feasible to fit cushion covers made of lighter, lighter-colored fabrics for the spring and summer months and somewhat thicker, darker or patterned colors for the winter and fall months.

The cushion covers have to be coordinated with all the elements of your room so that you have a decoration magazine house. Removing and putting covers is the easiest thing in the world since practically all have a zipper or velcro opening so you can insert the filling.

In case they do not have it yourself you can make an opening with scissors, put the filling and re-sew it.

As we say it is one of the cheapest solutions to decorate your home. There is a very nice way to decorate your chairs and also your sofas and this is to opt for the cushions with photos.

You can send cushions with your own photographs thanks to new printing techniques. You can put your own photo, that of your partner, that of your children or that of a dream landscape. We don’t want to forget to say that these photo pillows or personalized pillows are an easy and simple way to make an original gift.

Outdoor cushions

Outdoor cushions are also a great formula to decorate your outdoor furniture, come on redundancy. If you have a terrace or garden and want to decorate it in an original way, your option can also be this type of cushion, both for a sofa and a chair.

The only thing you should take into account is that in this type of cushions they are made of more resistant fabrics than those you have put inside your house. The reason is obvious since they will be exposed to high temperatures and the rigors of the weather.

Once you have taken this precaution into account, you will also notice that there are plenty of outdoor cushions. The terraces and gardens accept colors of all kinds, although most families choose outdoor cushions with bright and cheerful colors.

Not surprisingly, terraces and gardens are used much more in the summer and spring months, when sunlight floods everything. Better to opt for strong fabrics that are easy to wash. You can not escape that being outside is much easier to get dirty.

And to avoid the humidity that can be produced, it is best to opt for cushions made with artificial fibers . They dry much better than natural fibers and repel microorganisms and even mold much better.

Children’s cushions

It is time that we make a point and aside to talk about the decoration of the rooms of our little ones. And for them there are also endless alternatives. The truth is that it will cost you to choose the right model. Children’s cushions are also the cheapest option to decorate your child’s room.

Surely when you start decorating your room the last thing you will think of will be the cushions. You will have already painted the walls and you will have chosen the best bedding and even furniture. With this in mind, you will have to choose the best children’s cushions for the type of decoration you have chosen.

What you have to try is to choose colors that match the rest of the decoration but always trying to make them contrast and without losing sight that they have to be much more fun than in any other adult room. And without losing sight of the fact that the cushions also have to provide comfort to the child .

Try to make the shapes of the cushions different. Combine squares and rounds , small and large and always look for original decoration. There are plenty of child-themed motifs, but if you want maximum personalization, go for photo cushions, which can even bear the face of the baby or child.

The fabrics you choose must be pleasant to the touch and very soft, but they must also be very easy to clean. Look at the labels that the manufacturers offer you and discard those that cannot be washed in the washing machine because this way you will save the time of taking them to a dry cleaner.

Since we are talking about children, and their room is also a space for games, you will not be able to prevent the children’s cushions from rolling on the floor again and again . So the stronger the fabric, the better.

Also, the kids are pretty sloppy and they will most likely touch their cushions with dirty hands. It will not be difficult for you to find them, manufacturers already take these considerations into account when they put children’s cushions on sale.

Floor cushions

Floor cushions are usually large cushions . The truth is that you can not speak of a novelty in the world of decoration, because in fact the floor cushions have been used since time immemorial although it is necessary to delve into North African and some Asian cultures.

In Western Europe, of course, it was not usual to place these types of cushions on the floor, much less use them. But for some years now, many decorators and interior designers have been using them to give a different touch to any room in any home.

Right now you don’t need to create a room with a unique theme in order to use these large cushions or floor cushions. You don’t have to recreate a Moroccan or Japanese salon. You can introduce them in your living room or in any room in a very natural way.

It is very simple. To your room, whether you have it decorated in a minimalist style or in an industrial style, try putting some of these cushions around a small table.

The effect is really cool and in addition to decorating you will see how you have a few comfortable sea seats. It is not just for young children as you may be imagining. They can also be used by adults.

You just have to take into account the decorative style of your room to put them and coordinate them perfectly. And as we have been telling you throughout this post, you can also use the floor cushions as a contrast . If you have a brown rug, try putting on a large white cushion.

Now, if you have the opportunity to acquire original cushions from Morocco or Japan, do not hesitate for a moment because you are going to get a more luxurious touch. Getting this type of cushions is already very simple, both in physical stores and online stores.

There are them of all kinds, textures and shapes and some of them are really decorative. There are also other types of large cushions that you can place on your sofa and that even have a backrest so that you are comfortable.

Turquoise cushions

One way to give a modern touch to all your rooms is to decorate with turquoise cushions. Of course they are the cushions in fashion. The truth is that turquoise cushions are also reminiscent of exotic places , as we have seen when we have been talking about floor cushions or large cushions. If you put this color it will remind you of paradise islands because they resemble the color of the sea and a very clean sky.

The turquoise cushions are ideal to combine with cushions that resemble the color of the earth, thus completing that idyllic image of an island surrounded by the sea and palm trees. You can combine them well on your sofa or put them on top of your bedspread. The best thing is that this bedspread is cream or white.

The turquoise cushions are very suitable for the spring and summer months because they remind us precisely of the sea and the sky and makes us want to enjoy free time and our holidays. Do not doubt that they are ideal to place them in any room and on top of any piece of furniture.

This is all we wanted to tell you about the cushions . You know, they have to fulfill two functions: that of being super comfortable and that of decorating your fall. From there you will have to find a way to combine them with all the rest of the decoration. What we do want you to keep in mind is that cushions , and by extension, cushion covers are a very cheap option to decorate. 

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