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What do we call duvet cover? What functions does it have and what differences does it have compared to other bed covers? What types of duvet cover can you find on the market? How important is the Nordic filling and what types of filling are there ? Are you interested in the answer to all these questions? Well, if so, you have no choice but to continue reading the following lines.

In addition to answering these questions, we are going to offer you much more information about duvet covers, a textile piece that is undoubtedly satisfying the most demanding consumers and that is perhaps the one that is bought the most. We are going to show you how to protect the duvet cover and how to protect the duvet covers as well.

We are going to answer many other questions such as whether or not it is good to sleep without a top sheet. And we will not resist giving you some tips to decorate your main room and the rest of the rooms so that they become decoration magazine objects.

And finally we will explain some details about the history of the duvet cover . As you can see, throughout the four thousand words that this post has, we will offer you the most complete information about this bed cover and you will become an expert. Do you dare to continue reading? Come on! That you are going to have a good time. Let’s start:

Duvet Cover Definition

As we have said, we start at the beginning. What is a duvet cover? Basically it is a textile piece that is sewn on three sides . On the free side you will have to place the Nordic filling, which can be feathers or synthetic and whose types we will see later.

What we also want to tell you is that there is some confusion with the names and in some large areas you can check the duvet cover is also called the duvet cover . We think they are two different pieces.

In short, it is like a kind of bag where you can enter fillers that will have different weights or grammages. Depending on their weight or grammage, they will shelter you more or less.

Of what there is no doubt is that the duvet cover is the most used bed cover today and the one that has replaced the blankets , which were the textile elements that provided us with heat during the night.

women sleeping in duvet

The functions of the duvet cover

The functions of the duvet cover are mainly two:

  1. Give heat at night and maintain your body temperature. It is their main mission. The duvet cover is used especially in the months when the degrees Celsius drop, but you can also use them in summer and spring. Everything will depend on the filling you put or if you choose not to put any.
  2. Decorate your room . It is her second mission although she could go hand in hand with the one we have just told you about. With a duvet cover it will be enough to fill your room with light and color. She alone is enough to have spectacular rooms thanks to also spectacular designs.

Duvet Cover Types

1. Duvet covers for main room

Duvet covers for the double room. The main room requires the best decoration possible and you will find duvet covers with very elegant falls and designs adapted to the decoration of your home. You will always find the perfect solution for your room to be considered a decoration magazine room.

2. Youth duvet covers

The youth duvet covers stand out for designs made for the teenagers of the house . You can find their favorite musical groups, their television series or the superheroes they admire the most.

3. Children’s duvet covers

They only differ from juveniles in design. More friendly adapted to the smallest of the house

4. Crib duvet covers

Adapted so that your baby can enjoy the warmth of his crib. They are perfectly adjustable duvet covers so that the newborn never gets uncovered and both you and him can sleep through the night on the loose. With the duvet covers you will gain a lot of peace of mind.

5. Adjustable duvet covers

The vast majority of duvet covers you will find are adjustable. With this you make sure that the bed cover will not move during the night in order to ensure the heat of your body.

6. Design duvet covers

The manufacturers of duvet covers, aware of the importance of home decoration, make authentic works of art that you can put on your bed.

7. Printed duvet covers

These covers are for those who like to take risks in the decoration of their room. With this type of covers you have to take into account the rest of the furniture and the rugs so that everything turns out to be a homogeneous set.

8. Plain duvet covers

The smooth ones combine with a greater number of home accessories. But you shouldn’t confuse smooth with boring . On the contrary. The new textile processes ensure truly spectacular colors.

9. Jacquard duvet covers

These covers are woven on a jacquart loom which means that all figures and motifs are created from the same fabric. This technique allows the creation of even more complex designs. They are very soft to the touch.

10. Duvet covers in satin

The satin or satin duvet covers are characterized by having a very elegant shine and a very good consistency. This type of fabric is, if you will allow us the expression, a classic of bedding. Satin is also widely used in lingerie.

11. Embroidered duvet covers

The embroidered duvet covers are the most exclusive and unique because, as their name suggests, they are embroidered in a traditional way. It is also true that its price is often prohibitive.

A good duvet cover combination is one that uses polyester and cotton . This ensures the consistency of polyester and the softness of a natural fiber such as cotton.

Duvet cover versus other bed covers

1. Quilts

Quilts are textile pieces  sewn on all four sides and has a filling that can be more or less thick. This is the main difference with the duvet cover. It always has a light padding , which is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the quilt. The duvet is usually thicker than the bedspreads . Having a padding, which can also be down or synthetic, some people call it a duvet.

2. Bedspreads

The bedspreads are less thick than the duvets and are also sewn on all four sides. Some may have a padding but the characteristics that differentiate it with covers and duvets is that they are lighter and are usually used for halftime seasons and for areas with temperate climates. They have a high decorative power, highlighting in this aspect, the boutí bedspreads, which have a very elegant fall towards the ground.

3. Blankets

The blanket is a unique piece that does not contain any type of padding. Duvet covers have been the natural substitute for blankets that, in the past, were very heavy, although in their favor it must be said that they have a high power to conserve the heat of the bed . Currently, textile technology has managed to create blankets that can decorate the bed by itself and therefore the entire room.

The importance of Nordic padding

It is time to talk about the duvet, which is very important for you to achieve great comfort with your duvet cover. The padding is the element that will ensure you keep warm in your bed. What are most Nordic fillers made of? Well let’s see it:

1. Down

When you see on a Nordic stuffing tag it’s made with down, it means it’s made with feathers that have been taken from certain birds like geese and ducks . Of course we are talking about a one hundred percent natural element and the down is perhaps the one that has a greater insulating power and a greater softness. One of the characteristics that you must take into account is that the down lacks the “rods” that join the feathers of the birds, so you eliminate the risk that your duvet cover can be torn.

2. Feather

The feather is also removed from the body of the birds. They have a very high insulating power and are also soft . The difference with the down is that it does retain that “rod” that joins the feathers of animals. There is a certain risk that these rods will tear the fabric, although it is somewhat unlikely.

3. Synthetic fibers

The most normal thing is that these fibers with which the Nordic fillers are made are silicone hollow fiber . This fiber has been subjected to a silicone treatment with which a very soft touch is achieved. It also has a curled spiral shape, which achieves more volume and more recoverability.

In short, it is also a great thermal insulator. There is also a powerful reason to choose a Nordic filler with this fiber, and that is that there are many people who are allergic to feathers.

4. Lana

Wool is a natural fiber that also offers you a lot of softness and insulating capacity . It also offers a lot of softness. We can say that wool could be a fiber straddling synthetic and feather.

Nordic filler weights

The grammages, or weights, that you can find in the market are the following:

  • 100
  • 200
  • 225
  • 250
  • 300
  • 350
  • 400

We explain ourselves a little. If you choose a Nordic filling of 100 you are buying the lightest of all. This could be useful for use in temperate areas or in the spring and summer seasons. If what you choose is one of 400 you will be choosing the heaviest and therefore the one with the highest calorific value. Ideal for those areas where mercury falls below 0 degrees, in mountain areas, etc …

Can you mix different weights?

The answer is a resounding YES . And it is also designed for that. You can buy two Nordic fillers. Let’s assume that you buy one of 100 and another of 250. The one of 100 will be used in the temperate seasons, while the one of 250 will be used when it is colder. If temperatures drop you can put both of them inside the duvet cover.

In this sense we can also tell you that you can use the duvet cover without any type of padding. Of course we would be talking about summer. You would have a bed cover that would not have insulating capacity, but you would preserve the decoration of your room.

Can I sleep without a top sheet?

The answer to this question is also yes. The characteristics of the duvet cover makes many people choose not to place a top sheet in such a way that the body is in contact with the duvet cover.

However, we believe that it is much better to place the top sheet because this way you will keep your duvet cover longer since you will have to wash it much less. Needless to say, it is much easier to wash any type of sheet than a duvet cover. But if you wish, you can sleep without a top sheet.

How to preserve a Nordic filling?

And here are some tips to preserve your Nordic filling:

  • You have to air it every day . The ideal is to do it between 20 and 30 minutes a day. If it is a good day, take it out on the terrace and thus you will also eliminate the possible humidity that may have accumulated during the night.
  • Shake off your duvet before you go back to bed.
  • When you wash it, don’t put bleach or bleach on it . The temperature of your washing machine must be less than 40 degrees. It is much better to wash it alone, without other clothes. However, the most advisable thing is to take it to a specialized establishment.
  • To dry it you can put it in your dryer, always at low temperature . But it is best to air dry. Never store it if it is not completely dry since its greatest enemy is moisture.
  • Never use the vacuum cleaner above your Nordic filler.
  • If you are going to store it during the summer, always do it with the bag that the manufacturers offer you. If you do not have it, get a cloth one . And always leave it in a dry place.

Advantages of using the duvet cover

The advantages of a duvet cover are the following:

1. High decorative power

They have a high decorative power. The best bedding manufacturers have hired the best designers and you can find really spectacular designs . Each year the collections are renewed so you will always be at the forefront . In addition, being so easy to remove and put you can have the option of having a couple of them to change them throughout the year and every time you change them your room will look different.

2. High calorific value

Of course, the duvet covers are designed so that you do not get cold at night. Obviously you will have to help yourself with a Nordic filling as we have explained in the previous paragraphs. The duvet covers are made in such a way that they do not move once you are inside the bed, so uncovering is practically an impossible mission . That is why we recommend that you have them to put them in the beds of your small children because you will have the complete security that they will never be uncovered.

3. Easy maintenance

No work is required to maintain the duvet cover. You just have to do what you usually do, that is, air the room every morning for a few minutes . That will be enough. We do advise that if you are going to store them at a certain time, wash them or in the washing machine and store them in a dry place. Much better if you keep them with the covers that the manufacturers offer you.

4. Ease of making the bed

It is very easy to make the bed with a duvet cover. After airing the room you just have to put the sheets and then the cover. You will see how it adjusts without any effort to the edges of your bed with an elegant fall. It is so easy to make the bed that the youngest of the house will not have any difficulties either. And if they make the bed you will save yourself a few minutes that you can take advantage of for yourself.

5. Comfort

Comfort above all else. In addition to making the bed very easy, removing and putting Nordic fillers is just as easy . You can have several duvet covers to achieve decorative effects and a single duvet that you can put on and take off at will.

6. Very competitive prices

Dressing your bed and being warm in it will not make a hole in your budget . In addition, you should bear in mind that the duvet covers guarantee great durability and resistance, so your investment will always be amortized.

Duvet cover brands

There are many manufacturers who are dedicated to making duvet covers. We can highlight the following:

  • Beverly Hills Polo Club
  • Catalina Estrada
  • Mr. Cotton
  • In bed
  • Eysa
  • FC Barcelona
  • Javier Larraínzar
  • JVR
  • The Volatile
  • Lara Costafreda
  • Lois
  • Mora Blankets
  • I want to live
  • Paula
  • Pierra Cardin
  • Reig Martí
  • Urban
  • C&T Selection

As you can see there are “very traditional” brands in the bedding sector such as Antilo, Reig Martí or Mantas Mora . Some of these have been in the bedding business for more than fifty years. In their facilities, not only are there the right machines to make them, but they also have laboratories that constantly research to offer you the highest quality. They also have cabinets of their own design, authentic innovators that launch spectacular designs every season.

Prestigious designers have also joined this sector of bedding and continue to succeed on fashion catwalks around the world. We are referring for example to the French designer Pierre Cardin or the Spanish Javier Larrainzar .

Duvet cover measurements

The duvet cover measures that you will find are the following:

  • 90 bed 
  • 105 bed
  • 135 and 140 bed
  • Bed of 150 and 160
  • 180 and 200 bed

What does a duvet cover include?

As a general rule they include an adjustable bottom, the pillowcase and the duvet cover. On some occasions, the 

Cushions are some elements that must be taken into account when decorating your room. In most cases, textiles are the solutions for a spectacular decoration and for very little money . You can check it yourself and put a set of cushions on the bed in different colors and sizes and your bed will be much more “dressed” during the day. Cushions are also suitable to decorate chairs or small sofas that you have in your room.

How to keep duvet covers

And here are some useful tips to make your duvet covers last a long time.

  1. You have to air it every day . If the day allows it, it does not hurt to take it out on your terrace so that all the moisture is removed.
  2. Be careful not to leave your duvet cover near a heat source such as radiators or stoves. Also, do not leave it exposed to sunlight for a long time. Grape rays can deteriorate their colors.
  3. Be careful not to jump abruptly on the duvet cover because you can tear it. In addition, think that the case has its corresponding padding and you can also harm it in the event of abruptness on it.
  4. Don’t wash it every week. If you keep these tips in mind, you should only do it if you are not going to use it for a certain time. In any case it is much better if you take it to dry cleaners and they wash it dry.
  5. If you choose to wash it yourself, try that the temperature of the washing machine does not exceed 40 degrees and better if you wash it by yourself, without other clothes to avoid the risk of color loss.
  6. Do not use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust. To do this you just have to shake it.
  7. Always keep it in a dry place and if it is with its cover, the one that the manufacturers offer you, much better.

Tips for decorating your main room

We have already told you that the duvet cover has a high decorative power and that by itself is capable of filling your entire room. Anyway, in home decoration everything has to go together and for you to have a decoration magazine room we want you to take into account the following:

  1. The whole room will revolve around the bed. Before buying, take into account its size. The best thing is that it has dimensions that allow you to place a couple of night tables. In addition to being decorative, they are very functional, either to store your personal belongings, to put a point of lighting or to leave the book you read before sleeping on it.
  2. It is also important to think about whether you want to put a headboard on . In addition to being decorative, they also have the mission of protecting the sheets on your bed since they can prevent rubbing against the walls. You can choose upholstered headboards or customize it
  3. As soon as you have decided which bed to put it is time to think about what color you are going to give to your main room. We bet on light tones , either white or some kind of beige, especially if you do not have much space because they are those that give a greater feeling of spaciousness . In any case, and for a better rest, flee from the strident colors. It is proven that glades relax you much more.
  4. The same can be said about the color of the curtains. Light colored ones are much better for the same reasons. In any case, curtains, in addition to their decorative effect, also have to fulfill another mission, which is to provide privacy to your room. This is not a problem now thanks to the different types of curtains that exist. A good option is the roller blinds that allow from absolute clarity to absolute darkness. If you want to achieve a homogeneous tone throughout your home, do not forget, for example, to also play with sofa covers, especially if we are talking about the dining room or if you have a sofa in your main room.
  5. The rugs give a lot of warmth, not only to your main room but to your entire house. Of course, it must go together with the other accessories.
  6. Separate environments. For your greater comfort, it doesn’t hurt to separate rooms and create a dressing area and another dressing area. In some rooms you can also create a working area as an office. Now, you must ensure that the set is not variegated.
  7. Regarding lighting, you must be aware of both the light that enters through your window and the lamps that you can strategically place . Make it a dim light because we are talking about your rest area.
  8. We also advise you to pay attention to insulation . The best thing would be for your room to be in the area of ​​your house where the least noise exists. Of course, try not to be on the side of a busy street.

Brief history of the duvet cover

Covering up during the cold winter nights has always been a necessity for human beings. Duvet covers are the 21st century version , but primitive men were already covered in animal skins. Over the centuries, other natural materials such as cotton and hemp were incorporated into this task of conserving heat.

You should not be surprised if we tell you that the most modern origin of duvet covers is found in the Nordic countries . Here they begin to fill sacks with animal skins and these animals were already the feathers of ducks and geese because they discovered that they were the ones that offered the most heat .

But it was not until the 18th century that the rest of Europe discovered the Nordic sacks. It was thanks to an English traveler named Thomas Nugent . In Europe, in fact, the making of blankets began, thanks to the industrial revolution , blankets that were very heavy and that only with the course of the years became lighter.

Well this is it. It is everything we wanted to tell you about the duvet covers. A highly demanded textile piece that, as you have seen, has two fundamental functions: on the one hand, to trap the heat of the bed and to avoid any cold, and on the other, to obtain a spectacular decoration both in your main room and in the other rooms. because you will be able to find duvet covers for children, youth and even for baby.

We have given you tips on how to protect and make durable not only the duvet covers but also the duvet covers that are essential elements and we have also dared to give you some on how to have a spectacular room . You have to take into account the duvet cover, but also the color of the walls, the curtains or the blinds or the headboards, among other issues.

And finally we have given you a few brushstrokes about the history of this textile piece.

And now we want to ask you a question: Is the duvet cover your favorite bed cover? Tell us why in the comments.

And if you liked what we have told you do not hesitate to tell your friends and family. We will be delighted if you do.