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Here you are and you are looking for hats and wolf caps to complement that different style that you want so much and that is inspired by your favorite animal, that is, the wolf. We have a great variety of designs; baseball caps with the word Wolf, with the image of a wolf, faux fur caps, hats for children with a funny stuffed wolf, wolf hats with ears … Search, find and buy the one you like.

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Why buy wolf beanies and hats?

Because few animals throughout history have had so much symbolism, their strength and ardor in combat make the wolf a warlike allegory for many peoples. No animal has such a prominent role in the myths and legends of the northern peoples as the wolf.

Wolf caps

Symbol of ferocity, courage and resistance. Beowulf, the legendary Teutonic hero, and many of the Anglo-Saxon kings and nobles incorporated the word wolf (wolf, wulf, loup, lupo, etc.) to their names proclaiming their bravery in the struggle. Wolves are probably one of the most misunderstood of wild animals.

Wolf Beanies

Wolves are the protagonist of horror stories in which they are depicted as ruthless and cruel animals and this image that is given to us is not true since they are cordial, kind, social, loyal and very intelligent animals, with an extraordinary family sense, social and community and with very well defined rules and rituals.

So do not stop diving on our website until you find the wolf item that best suits your taste and personality.

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