How many times have we not bought cheap bedding at the sale and been blown away by the purchase. After just a few weeks, the bed sheet looks like something the cat has dragged the saliva on and dragged out again. It is easy to repeatedly fall for poor quality sheets simply because you do not know what to check before buying.

After all, we spend a third of our lives in bed, then the body is worth the very best. There are a thousand sheets out there so what to think about when it comes to quality and durability ?

Here we provide you with a guide to the right durable bedding for sleep and above all… .sex!


  1. Is thread density important?

The thing with thread tightness is pronounced when it comes to bedding, but is not a sign of quality anymore. If it’s not fantastically expensive quality fabrics, it’s just a game of money like everything else. Many companies also cheat and provide double digits on the thread density figures on cheap crap material. If you are an overheated sleeping person, percale cotton fits very well, because of the cool feeling. If you want a soft, warm, bed instead, stretchy jersey cotton is preferred.

It’s about personal choice of good quality not slavishly just about thread density!

  1. What material on bedding

The type of material you choose is, as I said above, completely private. Think that your bed sheet is an outfit you wear approx. eight hours a day, what feels best to wear.

Cotton : The best quality (and most expensive) is 100% Egyptian cotton, which has extra-long staple fibers and provides sumptuous and luxurious sleeping.

Pima and Supima cotton: have the means for extra long staple fibers and are both well known for their softness and shine. They are also much more affordable than Egyptian cotton. Luxury at budget price simply 🙂

Linen : Perfect for warm climates, linen sheets are some of the most expensive out there but they also keep the quality for decades. They give a modern already worn-in look and feel.

Linen sheets are like women – soft, durable and improved with age!

  1. Weave the choice

The way a sheet is woven has a direct impact on how they feel when lying down on them. Cotton percale is lightweight and tightly woven, resulting in cool linens. The fabric of microfiber material is wrinkle-resistant, extra soft and resistant to water.

Some other weave types to consider when buying are: super soft and shiny satin for the luxury feel and flannel perfect for a cooler climate.

  1. Choice of pattern or color

ALWAYS choose simple patterns on all bedding and preferably in light colors. Right on the bed sheet I think solid color and preferably off-white is a matter of course for a stylish looking base in the bed. Certainly you can be attracted by the duvet cover with cool designs and colors in the shop. But to meet the psychedelic rings in the pattern every night or the dark hazy green sheets just gets shit in the long run. The exception is the New England bedding you see above as they instead give a sober blue and white impression in the bedroom.

We are overwhelmed by so many other stimuli, colors and impressions during the day, so please leave the bedroom free of it for a nice rest. Have a stylish classic hotel room as a model when you are sleeping.

Keep it clean and simple in the bedroom!

  1. Seasonal bedding

The shops are very concerned that it MUST be either winter or summer in bed. I say screw their money-saving efforts and use summer sheets all year round instead. Just add a few thicker bedspreads and blankets so you can have the summer blanket or sheets left all year round.

Choosing the right bed sheet among the thousands out there is like dating, you have to go through very cheap shit before you find the right one but once you have done it it is worth staying in bed forever 🙂

The right bedding in all weather conditions!