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Here at Wooded Wolf, we offer a range of wolf home decor and products for the avid howling wolf fanatic. All our items are created with quality materials and have outstanding workmanship. If you are looking for unique wolf gift ideas, a present for someone special, or a personal wolf piece….then you are in the right place!


Wolf Clothing & Accessories


A range of very different shirts for you to choose what you want to wear. T-shirts with the image of a wolf both for men and for women.


Hoodies with different scenes of wolves printed on them, from classic scenes to others that you definitely never seen before.


Surprise your friends, introducing yourself with a sweatshirt with the image of a wolf staring at them.

Swimsuits & Bikinis

And there is nothing better than enjoying a good swim on the beach or in the pool, wearing the image of your favorite animal.


Costumes of ferocious or charming wolves, for adults and children. What can you wear at your next fancy dress party or for a Halloween night.

Wolf Head Buckles

Spectacular wolf buckles for your leather belts. We have a wide variety of models that are authentic pieces of art with different motifs.

Hats & Caps

Avoid the sun or go cold, while you complete your wardrobe with one of these caps and hats inspired by the figure of the wolf.


Who said you can not be sexy with the image of a lone wolf on your underwear? Plus, these garments will spark wonderful conversations!


Wonderful wolves purses that will accompany you and give an extra to your personal style.


Enjoy making your purchases even more with one of these exceptional themed wolf wallets.


A wide range of wolf masks for fancy dress parties, masquerade balls and halloween.

Bags & Backpacks

Be the first of the group to wear a bag with the image of a wolf and thus mark a trend among your friends.

wolf home decor gift ideas


Enjoy a rainy day while you walk with one of these impressive gray wolf print umbrellas. 


Decorate your room, while you peacefully rest with one of these bedding sets of several wolf themes. This will complement your existing wolf decor.


Not only give a style to your bed or your sofa but they are really comfortable to take a nap and dream about your favorite wolf.

Shower Curtains

At this point, why not have a wolf in your bathroom? Browse our range of wonderfully designed wolf themed shower curtains.


Whether you prefer classic figures or fantasy, you can leave the visitors speechless with one of these splendid figurines and show your devotion for this amazing animal.

Wall Art

Surprise the visitors or simply give yourself the pleasure of contemplating this beautiful creature in your living room or bedroom, with  wall art of wild wolves.

Wall Clocks

Wall clocks and alarm clocks, so you can enjoy the image of your favorite animal every time you want to know what time it is.


Light up any corner of your home with one of these fabulous and striking 3D wolf lamps. There are with different shapes and colors.

Wolf Jewelry & Accessories gift ideas

Necklaces & Pendants

Be the center of attention amongst your friends and wolf family, thanks to our range of striking and unique wolf necklaces and pendants.


If you like pendants and rings, complete your style with one of these high quality bracelets.


The perfect complement to your shirt are beautiful and elegant wolf cufflinks.


Give yourself the pleasure of wearing your passion on one of your fingers with one of these rings, available in steel, sterling silver and gold.


Give a touch to your personal style, wearing one of these earrings. There are different designs and shapes depending on how much you want to draw attention.

The Symbolism of The wolf

Since antiquity, the strength, loyalty and courage of wolves inspired people with awe and, at the same time, admiration. The northern cultures believe that these animals possess, amongst other things, supernatural powers, so the shamans often used attributes with the symbolism of a wolf in their rites.

It is believed that the image of this beast gives a person courage, self-confidence and power. It is believed that anyone who wears it on himself takes on these awe-inspiring qualities. Therefore, a gift associated with wolves, be it jewelry, a piece of clothing or just a figurine, is not just any regular item, but a powerful amulet for its owner.

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Facts About The Himalayan Wolf

Himalayan WolfThe Himalayan wolf is a subspecies of the gray wolf. It is considered a fairly recent species and initially thought to be linked to the Tibetan wolf. These wolves are brown and gray, and have black and white colors in the areas of the face and along the...

Facts About The Ethiopian Wolf

Ethiopian WolfThe Ethiopian wolf, sometimes, is mistaken for a jackal because of the small size of these wolves. They are medium in size, have very long legs and a mouth more pointed and elongated than other species. They measure approximately 90 and 100 centimeters...

Facts About The Red Wolf

The Red Wolf The red wolf gets its name because of the reddish color of its fur, although some of them are brown so they are sometimes mistaken for wolves of other species. Another distinctive feature of red wolves is a white color around the snout area, they also...

Facts About The Arctic Wolf

Introduction to the Arctic Wolf Species The Arctic wolf, also called white wolf or polar wolf, is characterized by having a unique hair color, which we can not see in any other type of wolf. This animal can be considered as a race, subspecies or geographical variant...

Facts About The Iberian wolf

The Iberian wolfThe gray wolf subspecies, known as the Iberian wolf (Canis lupus signatus), was first identified in 1907 by the Spanish zoologist Ángel Cabrera. The genetic work carried out by the biologist Robert Wayne of UCLA, has allowed us to suggest that it is a...

Different Types Of Wolves

Introduction to wolvesWolves (Canis Lupus) are a species of carnivorous mammals, in addition the wolf is the largest member of the canid family (dog). An adult male weighs about 30-50 kg and can measure up to one meter in height, with a body length of 1.8m and 2m.On...

The Alpha Wolf

A wolf pack is organized in a hierarchy and the highest are the alpha wolf and beta she-wolf. On the contrary, the lowest are the omega wolves. This type of social structure helps to promote unity and social order in the pack, it also helps reduce conflicts and the...

Facts About The Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf Anatomy Gray wolves are slim, have a powerful physique with a large, deep-set chest and a sloping back. The belly of a gray wolf is retracted, the neck is muscular. Their limbs are long and robust, with relatively small legs. On each front paw, there are...

Wolf Anatomy

The Body Of The Wolf A wolf's body is made to hunt prey and carry them. For this, the wolves have excellent senses that help them find prey. They have strong muscles and long legs to run and have powerful jaws and teeth to hold their prey. Wolves are larger than other...

Wolves, the lions of the Northern Hemisphere

Wolves are found in North America, Europe and Asia. And in all these places, the life of the wolves is very similar to that of the lions in Africa. Like the lions, the wolves live in groups, they are carnivorous animals that collaborate with each other to hunt their...

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Wolves, are more than an animal or a simple symbol, it is for people who want to leave the rest of the crowd that wear all the same type of clothes and accessories. It is an authentic declaration of separation. Show that you are an “Alpha wolf” with one our clothing items.

Our admiration and enthusiasm for the wolves makes this more than just a simple online store for wolves. Therefore, I have included articles with interesting facts about the wolf, such as for example: legends, types of breeds, habitat and history.

Welcome to our community, search and enjoy all the articles you find on this website and complete your style and your life in that way. 


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